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SiriusXM Music for Business is a licensed business music service available in satellite or internet delivery. The Internet service provides 200+ channels of SiriusXM commercial-free music. The service is delivered over the internet to a PC or a SiriusXM internet radio. The satellite service provides that provides 70 commercial-free channels made available to nearly all American businesses located in the continental United States.

SiriusXM Music for Business offers a huge variety of stations you’ll never hear on regular radio or from other background music providers. Most channels are unique and innovative SiriusXM originals, which include totally new in-store music programming. Internet Channel Guide | Satellite Channel Guide

You can listen to SiriusXM business several different ways. If you have questions, we have an inside sales team ready to guide you to the prefect player for your business. Check out the information below, or give us a call a 800-684-7050.

  • The SiriusXM App – You can use virtually any Apple or Android mobile device and listen to SiriusXM Business without purchasing hardware. When you sign up for a business subscription, we will send you a username and password that will connect you to the SiriusXM Business service. Simply download the app to your mobile device, enter the username and password that we provide, and you’ll turn your mobile device into your SiriusXM Business player. See more here: App StoreGoogle Play
  •  SiriusXM Internet Player – There are several SiriusXM internet players made specifically for your business. Each player is made to plug and play with any existing audio system or phone system music on hold input. Please contact Dynamic Media for a comprehensive quote for SiriusXM Music for Business in your business.
  • SiriusXM Satellite Players – For those business unable to connect to SiriusXM using a high-speed internet connection, we have satellite players that will do the job for you. The satellite players require a small antenna (3” x 3”) to be placed on the outside of the building. Once placed, the player will start receiving service directly from the satellite, bypassing the internet altogether. As with the internet players, the satellite receivers connect to any audio system or phone system for music on-hold.

No. Over 98% of SiriusXM’s customers keep the service once they try it. Because of this high retention rate, SiriusXM does not require you to sign an agreement that commits you to any term. Your employees and your customers will absolutely love it. It’s nothing short of addictive.

We service tens-of-thousands multi-location business across the U.S. You simply need to purchase a unique receiver and business subscription for each individual facility. Dynamic Media offers discounts on both equipment and installation for multi-location businesses. Although you will need to purchase multiple subscriptions, your Dynamic Media representative can structure your account such that there is a single invoice that consolidates all SiriusXM Music for Business charges.

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