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SiriusXM Scheduling Portal

SiriusXM Scheduling Portal


Scheduling Portal Setup

Use the SiriusXM Scheduling Portal to remotely program and manage your SiriusXM streaming players. The portal allows users to program a player, or group of players, to automatically change channels based on time and day settings. This is the best way to keep your SiriusXM music fresh and interesting.

This video will walk you through:

  1. Creating a portal account
  2. Adding a player to the portal
  3. Creating a music schedule
  4. Assigning the music schedule to a player
  5. Enabling remote scheduling on your players

Scheduling Portal Quick Start Guide

How to Create an Account in the SiriusXM Scheduling Portal

  1. Navigate to the SiriusXM Scheduling Portal
    • The scheduling portal is different than the player portal, which is where you change channels, select favorites, etc. The Scheduling Portal is for programming your player(s) to automatically change channels and volume over the course of a week’s time.
    • In order to create a schedule, you must have one of the scheduling capable players below.

  1. How to Create an Account
    • You will need to register with the portal to create an account.
    • Click “Click Here to Register” and complete the Sign-Up Form.
    • Click the blue “Sign Up” button
    • The website will flash a confirmation if your registration was successfully completed.

  1. Enter your Email and Password
    • Once registration is complete, enter your Email Address and Password
    • Click the blue “Login” button to log in to the portal

Adding a Radio to the Scheduling Portal

  1. Set your Time Zone
    • This is an important first step. Setting your time zone ensures the portal changes channels at the proper time.
    • Select “Time Zone” in the left-hand navigation.
    • Select your time zone and click “Save”

  1. Adding a Radio
    • The second thing you’ll want to do is add your Radio to the portal.
    • Click the “Plus Sign” on the right had side of the page to launch the Add Radio pop-up.

  1. Complete the “Add Radio” pop-up form and click “Save” when complete.
    • Name: Type in a name that will help you identify the radio.
    • Serial: The location of your serial number depends on the type of radio you have:
      • SXBR2:The serial number is in the “Radio Info” menu (Home > Settings > Radio Info).
      • SXBREO, SXBREW, SXBR3: The serial number is on a sticker on the bottom of the radio.
    • Model: The model of your radio. The model is listed on the bottom of the radio.
    • Select Schedule: If you already have a schedule created, you can apply it here. If not, skip this for now.

  1. The portal will “Create the Radio” and add it to the Radio List

How to Create a Schedule

  1. Click “Schedules” in the left-hand navigation to access the “Manage Schedules” section
  2. Enter a name for the schedule.
  3. Click the blue [+ Day Part] to begin scheduling time slots.

  1. From the “Add a Day Part” pop-up box
    • Select a start time. This is the time you want the channel to begin playing in your business.
    • Select a channel. This is the channel that will begin playing at the selected time.
    • Select your desired volume level.
    • When complete click “Save”

  1. The Day Part will appear in the schedule.
    • Continuing adding as many Day Parts as you wish.
  2. Select your Close time
    • This is when your radio will shut off for the night.
    • When all your Day Parts are added, select the “Pencil Icon” on the “Closed” row to program the radio to stop playing music for that particular day.

  1. Copy Day Part to all days of week, or create different Day Parts by day
    • If you want to use the same Day Part for all days of the week, click [+ COPY TO ALL DAYS]
    • If you want the Day Parts to be different by day, select a different day of the week and build your Day Parts for that day.

How to Assign a Schedule to a Radio

  1. Click on “Radios” in the left-hand navigation
  2. Locate your radio from the list and click the “Pencil Icon” to launch the “Edit Radio” pop-up box.

  1. In the “Edit Radio” pop-up box, use the “Select Schedule” drop down to locate your desired schedule.
  2. Highlight your desired schedule and click “Save” to complete.
  3. The player will begin playing the assigned schedule in a few minutes.

How to Enable Remote Scheduling on Your SXBR2 Player

Now that you have your schedules created, you’ll need to enable Remote Scheduling on your GDI-SXBR2 Player.

  1. Navigate to “Settings” from the home menu

  1. Navigate to “Remote Scheduling” and push the dial to select

  1. Select “Enable Schedule” and press the dial to check the box.
    • The player will begin playing its assigned schedule in a few minutes
    • Note: Go to to change and update schedules

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