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SiriusXM Stratus 7

SiriusXM Stratus 7

Model #: SSV7V1


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Important Antenna Aiming Tips:

Tip #1: Both XM and SiriusXM antennas must have a clear view of the sky to operate properly. Buildings, mountains, and other obstructions are likely to reduce the quality of your music signal and cause interruptions in your music stream.

Tip #2: Once you get your antenna aimed and are receiving signal, you may have to tweak your antenna slightly to get the optimum pointing location. Continue tweaking your XM radio antenna direction until you have full signal strength as indicated on your radio display.

Tip #3: Although in many locations it may be possible to receive signals from terrestrial repeaters, it is not recommended to use these signals for a business application. The terrestrial repeaters are intended for cars. Repeater signal strength can vary greatly from day to day as function of many uncontrolled variables. Always use signals directly from the satellites when possible.

Sirius and XM Radios

The satellites that transmit the XM signal are in a geostationary orbit over the equator. Aim your XM antenna due south as noted in the graphic below. Make sure you position your antenna so you have a clear view of the sky.

Installing Yourself?

Depending on the structure of your building, installing your antenna may be easier than you think. The steps below outline the installation process and will help you determine whether you’ll want to perform your own installation or have Dynamic Media handle it for you.

Step 1: Determine Outdoor Antenna Location The antenna only weighs a few ounces and has a footprint of only three square inches. This allows you to install it in many convenient places that full-size music dishes, like those used by business music providers, simply cannot occupy.

Step 2: Run Coaxial Cable from Antenna Location to Radio Location Connect the antenna to the included antenna extension kit, then run up to 100’ away from the antenna to the business radio’s interior location. Once the antenna extension kit has been run to the business radio’s location, use the included adapter kit to connect the extension kit to the base of the business radio. The graphic below shows how all the parts fit together.

Step 3: Aim Your Antenna Both XM and SiriusXM radio for business antennas must have a clear view of the sky to operate properly. Buildings, mountains, and other obstructions are likely to reduce the quality of your music signal and cause interruptions in your music stream. Aim the antenna due south.

Step 4: Connect Radio Audio System or Music on Hold Input Use the included red and white RCA audio cables to connect to your existing system. If your audio system or the music on hold port of your phone system requires a different type of input, please let us know and we’ll ensure the right adapter for the job is included with your order.

Step 5: Call Dynamic Media to Activate Your Service Once everything is connected your business radio should be able to receive signal, but only allow you to receive programming on the preview station (channel 1 on XM Radio, channel 184 on SiriusXM Radio). Give us a call at 1-800-684-7050 and we’ll get an activation signal out to your radio right away. Leave the business radio powered on and tuned to the preview station and within an hour you and your customers will be enjoying in store music from SiriusXM/XM Radio.


Fault Probable Cause Remedy
Business radio does not turn on Power not connected or turned off Make sure circuit is live. If connecting to a power strip, make sure power strip is switched to the “on” position. Try plugging the radio for business into another outlet in a different part of your office.
Display says “Antenna” Antenna unplugged from Radio This display means the business radio does not detect an antenna. Make sure antenna is securely connected to your radio for business. If using an antenna extension, make sure all connections between the antenna, inline amplifier, and coax cable are secure. If all connections are secure, check the SMB adapters and make sure the little pin inside the male connector is not bent or missing. If the adapters intact and secure, try to directly connect the antenna to the radio. If when directly connected the “antenna” message is displayed, there is likely a bad antenna or antenna port on the radio.
Display says “Acquiring Signal” Low Antenna Signal
This display means the radio for business recognizes the antenna, but the antenna cannot receive a signal strong enough to suite the requirements of the radio.
To troubleshoot this problem, follow the steps in the Fault: Low Antenna Signal
Background Music or Music on Hold Fading In and Out
Low Antenna Signal
  1. Loose connection
  2. Antenna position incorrect
  3. Faulty Antenna Extension
  4. Defective Antenna
    Defective Radio

1. Check antenna signal strength through Menu Options on receiver

  1. Turn on music receiver
  2. Press Menu
  3. Use the Up/Down arrows to navigate to the “antenna aiming menu” – note, on some receivers the menu option will be called “signal strength”
  4. Press select
  5. The menu will provide two readings. The top reading will provide a reading of the signal coming directly from the music. The bottom reading will show the strength of the signal emanating from ground based repeaters. For music for business installations, you can ignore the terrestrial signal strength as the only way to permanently eliminate signal fade is to acquire a high music signal.
  1. XM Portable Receivers – Three or four bars of music signal are mandatory
  2. Antex XM-100 – Hold power button for five seconds to display antenna strength. A minimum rating of CN10 is required.
  3. siriusXM Portable Receivers – A minimum of seven (7) boxes of stable music signal are required.
2. If antenna signal is below the thresholds noted above, continue with the troubleshooting methodology described below.
3. Make sure your antenna is located outside your building (preferable on the roof) and has a clear view of the sky. Any obstructions, including trees, surrounding buildings, etc. may be blocking your antenna signal. A clear view of the sky is mandatory for receiving uninterrupted music radio. For music for business applications, the antenna must be located outside – there are no exceptions to this rule.
4. Make sure your antenna is aimed in the proper direction
  1. XM Radio antennas must be pointed due south and positioned at a 45 degree angle with the sky.
  2. SiriusXM Radio antennas are positioned differently based on your location in the United States (see chart below for antenna aiming instruction in your local geography).
5. If you are using an antenna extension kit, make sure you have the inline amplifier is directly connected to the 20 foot lead from the antenna. The ANT port of the amplifier should be pointing toward the antenna, and the REC port of the amplifier should be pointing toward the radio. The antenna extension kit should be installed in the following format:
Antenna > SMB-F adapter > High Gain Amplifier > Coax Cable > SMB-F adapter w/ 3 foot lead > music Receiver
6. Check all physical connections. Make sure all connections between are tight and secure.
7. If antenna signal is below the previously mentioned thresholds, try adjusting the position of antenna to increase signal strength.
8. If you cannot acquire any antenna signal, disconnect antenna extension and directly connect the radio to the antenna. Make sure the antenna is outside and aimed in the proper direction during testing. If the direct connect provides adequate antenna signal, the problem is with the coaxial cable used to extend the antenna. Check for kinks or breakage in cable.
9. If the direct connect does not provide signal, you probably have a defective radio or defective antenna.
No Audio From Radio Antenna extension

Make sure your radio is receiving adequate antenna signal as described in the fault “Low Antenna Signal.” If your signal is within the thresholds noted therein, commence the following troubleshooting steps.

1. Check the connection between the music receiver and the amplifier. Make sure the mini jack is fully plugged into the radio (this is a common problem). Make sure the RCA cable is securely connected to the amplifier.
2. Check that the speaker wires are connected to the outputs on the back of the amplifier.
3. Make sure your amplifier is turned on and the volume is turned up.
4. If you are using a multi-input amplifier to play in store music or connect to the music on hold port of your phone system, make sure the amplifier is set to the proper input (for example, if the RCA plugs are connected to the “CD” input on the back of your amplifier, make sure you press the CD input selector button on the front of the amplifier).
5. Turn the line-level setting on your music radio to the highest level
  1. Press menu and navigate to the “audio level” menu option
  2. Increase to the highest level and press “select”
6. If your radio is still not playing audio, unplug the wire from the “line out” plug on the radio and plug in a set of headphones. If you hear your background music through the headphones, the problem is with the amplifier or speakers. If no audio comes through the headphones, your probably have a defective business radio.
Display says “Updating” Signal being received by radio The term “updating” means the radio for business is receiving the latest encryption code from the XM or siriusXM music. At this point, your business radio is talking to the music and your subscription is being updated. Simply wait a few minutes and your radio will be receiving your music for business subscription package.

Frequently Asked


How is SiriusXM Music for Business programming different from regular radio?

The biggest difference is that SiriusXM Radio has commercial-free music channels. What this means for you is that SiriusXM offers you music the way it should be and the way the artist intended it; without a single commercial interruption. Simply put, SiriusXM Music for Business has a breadth and depth of programming unavailable on regular radio.

How far can the antenna be extended from the radio?

Our basic antenna extension kit provides all of the adapters, line amplifiers, and cables required to extend your music antenna up to 125 feet from the radio for business. If your building dictates longer cable runs, it’s no problem. We have engineers on staff that can build a system to support virtually any environment. If you have unique installation requirements, please contact one of our consultants to discuss the specifics your environment.

How do I make sure the channels with inappropriate content and themes are blocked?

Upon order, your Dynamic Media account executive will provide the option to block channels with channels that are not “business safe.” If you’d like to block additional content that does not fit the brand of your business, most SiriusXM radios allow you to block individual channels using the radio’s menu. Please refer to your radio’s manual for instructions on how to do this, or contact your Dynamic Media representative at 1-800-684-7050. It’s our support that sets us apart.

Does SiriusXM Music for Business have commercials?

SiriusXM for Business music channels are commercial-free. Today’s FM stations carry 18 minutes or more commercials per hour.

Do I have to commit to a long-term contract to get SiriusXM service?

No. Over 98% of SiriusXM’s customers keep the service once they try it. Because of this high retention rate, SiriusXM does not require you to sign an agreement that commits you to any term. Your employees and your customers will absolutely love it. It’s nothing short of addictive.

Do I have to buy equipment from Dynamic Media?

Dynamic Media will provide a subscription regardless of where you purchase your equipment. Dynamic Media understands the importance of music for your business, and thus provides advance replacement of any equipment issues covered by DynamicCare warranty. Purchasing your equipment from Dynamic Media provides a “one-stop-shop” for all of your in store music or music on hold needs.

Can I install the equipment myself?

Yes. An understanding of basic electronics essentially over qualifies you to install your business radio. Important to note, the music antenna must be mounted external to the building with a clear view of the sky. If you choose to self-install the radio, Dynamic Media will provide every part you will need to complete the installation, along with printed instructions and 800-phone support.

Why is SiriusXM Music for Business so much less expensive than other background music providers?

SiriusXM has 26 million consumer subscribers, which allows them to spread the costs of providing the music over both consumer and business customers. All the other music for business providers only sell to businesses, which means they have to charge more to cover their costs. In short, the extensive volume of SiriusXM customers allows business users to enjoy a much lower cost for a superior product.

Why do I have to pay more for a business subscription?

Use of music in a business or as music on hold requires the payment of royalties to ASCAP, BMI, GMR and SESAC, the organizations that represent the music copyright holders. These royalties are included in a commercial subscription. For more information on these royalties please visit,, and

What is SiriusXM Music for Business?

SiriusXM Music for Business is a licensed business music service available in satellite or internet delivery. The Internet service provides 200+ channels of SiriusXM commercial-free music. The service is delivered over the internet to a PC or a SiriusXM internet radio. The satellite service provides that provides 70 commercial-free channels made available to nearly all American businesses located in the continental United States.

What will I hear on SiriusXM Music for Business?

SiriusXM Music for Business offers a huge variety of stations you’ll never hear on regular radio or from other background music providers. Most channels are unique and innovative SiriusXM originals, which include totally new in-store music programming. Internet Channel Guide | Satellite Channel Guide

What equipment do I need to get SiriusXM Radio for business?

You can listen to SiriusXM business several different ways. If you have questions, we have an inside sales team ready to guide you to the prefect player for your business. Check out the information below, or give us a call a 800-684-7050.

  • The SiriusXM App – You can use virtually any Apple or Android mobile device and listen to SiriusXM Business without purchasing hardware. When you sign up for a business subscription, we will send you a username and password that will connect you to the SiriusXM Business service. Simply download the app to your mobile device, enter the username and password that we provide, and you’ll turn your mobile device into your SiriusXM Business player. See more here: App StoreGoogle Play
  •  SiriusXM Internet Player – There are several SiriusXM internet players made specifically for your business. Each player is made to plug and play with any existing audio system or phone system music on hold input. Please contact Dynamic Media for a comprehensive quote for SiriusXM Music for Business in your business.
  • SiriusXM Satellite Players – For those business unable to connect to SiriusXM using a high-speed internet connection, we have satellite players that will do the job for you. The satellite players require a small antenna (3” x 3”) to be placed on the outside of the building. Once placed, the player will start receiving service directly from the satellite, bypassing the internet altogether. As with the internet players, the satellite receivers connect to any audio system or phone system for music on-hold.

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