Most Common Troubleshooting

SXBR2 & SXBR3 Most Common Troubleshooting

Symptom Cause How to Resolve It
  • Player displays buffering message when channel is selected
  • Player displays any of the following error messages:
    • Playback stopped
    • Server unreachable
    • Stream closed
    • Retrying
    • Initializing Network
    • Error loading menu
Player is connected to your network, but your network’s security/firewall settings are preventing it from connecting to the internet in a way that plays the music stably. Provide the Network Setup Guide to whomever manages your to configure your firewall/router to allow the player to make a connection to the internet.

TIP: If the player works when connected to your mobile phone’s hotspot, but not to the business network, this is one way to confirm with whomever manages your network that an adjustment is required.

Player displays any of the following error messages:

  • No Connection
  • Not Connected to the Internet
  • Connecting to <wireless network>
This is caused by one of two things:

  1. The player is not connected to your network because the steps have not been taken at the player level to make the connection or networkOR
  2. The player is not connected to your network because security measures are preventing the device from making a network connection.
Browse to the network wizard and select the connection type (Wired/Wireless).

If Wired, be sure the network cable is connected and that you know whether your network uses DHCP or Static device connectivity

TIP: Most networks use DHCP connectivity, but if your network uses Static connectivity, you will need to have whomever manages your network allocate an IP address to the device, then that IP address information will need to be entered into the player after selecting the Static option.

If the steps above do not result in successful connection to the network, it’s due to one of the following reasons:

  • Wi-Fi password is incorrect
  • You’re attempting a DHCP connection when your network is set up for Static connectivity
  • Static IP information is incorrect
  • MAC filtering is blocking the device’s connection to the network

In all cases the way to resolve the issue would be to consult with whomever manages your network to provide the right WiFI password/static IP information, or to whitelist the MAC address of the device if your network uses MAC filtering.

Player displays artist and song title but no sound can be heard This can be caused by a variety of issues:

  • Player volume is not turned up high enough.
  • Player is not connected to audio system properly.
  • Audio system is not on correct input
  • Audio system’s volume is not turned up high enough
  • Player is connected to your network, but your network’s security/firewall settings are preventing it from connecting to the internet in a way that allows the music to play.
Step 1 – Attenuate Volume

Browse to Home Button -> Settings -> Volume, then turn the volume knob to the right until the indicator reads player volume is at 100%.

Step 2 – Check Your Connections

Make sure you’re the included RCA cable (red and white plugs on both ends) that shipped with the player instead of using any existing cables from any previous device to ensure the right type of cables are used for the connection.

TIP: Headphone jack style connectors will fit loosely into the RCA outputs of the player but will not work. Connecting a headphone jack style connector into the AUX IN plug on the back of the player will also not work.

Step 3 – Choose the Right Input

Some amplifiers can have multiple audio sources plugged into them, and if this is the case you’ll need to make sure the correct input is selected for playback, and that the volume is turned up appropriately to hear the music.

  • Home audio style amplifiers will often have an input selector. Check the back of your amplifier to see what the input you’re connected to is labeled, then use the input selector to make sure the amplifier is set to the same input to which your cables are connected.
  • Commercial amplifiers will often have a volume knob associated with teach input on the front of the device. Check the back of the amplifier to see what input you’re plugged into, then make sure both the master volume knob and that specific volume knob are turned up at least half way.

Step 4 – Check Your Volume Controls

Make sure the appropriate volume knobs on your amplifier are turned up at least half way. If you’re using a commercial audio system with in-wall volume controls make sure those are turned up as well.

Step 5 – Ensure Network is Set Up Properly

The player will not work if the adjustments outlined in the Network Setup Guide have not been applied to a network using a firewall for security.

In some cases, an artist and song title will display as though the player is working normally, but issues with network connectivity will prevent music from actually playing.

How to Identify Network Connectivity Issues

Here are a couple quick ways you can confirm a network adjustment is needed to get the player working. Once you’ve performed the steps to confirm this is a network issue, you’ll want to get the Network Setup Guide to whomever manages your network along with the results of the testing that identified this as a network issue.

Option 1 – Connect an Alternative Device

Connect an alternative device like a mobile phone/tablet to the audio system and make sure the device is set to stream music using a data connection and not the business’ Wi-Fi network. If music can be heard from this alternative device it can be concluded that network setup is the root cause of the issue.

Option 2 – Connect to a Mobile Hotspot

Use the mobile hotspot/personal hotspot on a mobile phone, then use the network wizard to connect the player to the hotspot instead of the business’ network.

If the player works normally when connected to the hotspot, this lets us know that the firewall on the business network needs to be adjusted in order for the player to work when connected to it.

You’ll want to share the results of your test with whomever manages your network so you can show them definitely that the issue exists with the network/firewall settings.

Player displays “Invalid Credentials” error message. Your subscription is either inactive or the username/password associated with your credentials hasn’t been keyed in correctly. Ensure your subscription is active and that you have the right user name and password by visiting the customer portal and browsing to the subscriptions tab.

If you are still getting an Invalid Credentials error, try the following steps:

  1. Factory reset the player
  2. Use the network wizard to connect the player to your network
  3. Re-enter the credentials
Player does not communicate with scheduling portal. This can be caused by a variety of issues:

  • Remote scheduling is not enabled on the player.
  • Serial number isn’t entered correctly in scheduling portal.
  • Wrong scheduling portal is being used.
  • The network/firewall at the business is not configured to allow full player functionality.
Step 1 – Ensure Remote Scheduling is Enabled

In the player menu browse to settings->remote scheduling and ensure it is turned on.

Step 2 – Ensure the Serial Number is Accurate

In the player menu browse to settings->radio info and ensure you are using the correct serial number for the portal. Keep in mind that serial numbers do not us the letter “O” and will always use a zero instead.

Step 3 – Use the Right Scheduling Portal

Make sure you’re using the portal found at and not one of portals used to manage older devices.

Step 4 – Make Sure Your Network is Properly Configured

Use the network setup guide to ensure your network/firewall has whitelisted the required ports and URLs to properly function. You’ll want to get the document to whomever manages your network.

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