Are you considering installing your satellite radio on our own? Depending on the structure of your building, installing your antenna may be easier than you think. The steps below outline the installation process and will help you determine whether you’ll want to perform your own installation or have Dynamic Media handle it for you.

Step 1: Determine Outdoor Antenna Location

The antenna only weighs a few ounces and has a footprint of only three square inches. This allows you to install it in many convenient places that full-size music dishes, like those used by business music providers, simply cannot occupy.

Step 2: Run Coaxial Cable from Antenna Location to Radio Location

Connect the antenna to the included antenna extension kit, then run up to 100’ away from the antenna to the business radio’s interior location. Once the antenna extension kit has been run to the business radio’s location, use the included adapter kit to connect the extension kit to the base of the business radio. The graphic below shows how all the parts fit together.

Step 3: Aim Your Antenna

Both XM and SiriusXM radio for business antennas must have a clear view of the sky to operate properly. Buildings, mountains, and other obstructions are likely to reduce the quality of your music signal and cause interruptions in your music stream.


Aim the antenna due south as directed in the graphic below.

Step 4: Connect Radio Audio System or Music on Hold Input

Use the included red and white RCA audio cables to connect to your existing system. If your audio system or the music on hold port of your phone system requires a different type of input, please let us know and we’ll ensure the right adapter for the job is included with your order.

Step 5: Call Dynamic Media to Activate Your Service

Once everything is connected your business radio should be able to receive signal, but only allow you to receive programming on the preview station (channel 1 on XM Radio, channel 184 on SiriusXM Radio). Give us a call at 1-800-684-7050 and we’ll get an activation signal out to your radio right away. Leave the business radio powered on and tuned to the preview station and within an hour you and your customers will be enjoying in store music from SiriusXM/XM Radio.