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PlayNetwork C500

Model #: C500

General Support FAQ

What is PlayNetwork Music for Business?

PlayNetwork Music for Business is designed specifically for use in a business environment that offers a selection of over 225 customizable genres of background music and music on hold to fit your brand. PlayNetwork is the leading global provider of creative and customized office music, restaurant music, waiting music, retail in store music, and other business music environments. PlayNetwork’s total customized and branded media solutions enables clients stronger ties between their brand and their target customers by connecting with their media influenced lifestyle interests.

What equipment do I need to get PlayNetwork Music for Business?

The PlayNetwork Combo Player is made to plug and play with any existing commercial audio system, and can support both in store music and music on hold simultaneously. Please contact Dynamic Media for a comprehensive quote for PlayNetwork Music for Business.

How much does PlayNetwork Music for Business service cost?

The PlayNetwork music offering starts at only $34.99 per month.

How is PlayNetwork different from regular radio?

PlayNetwork’s core function as a music for business service means that you’ll never hear a disc jockey, or worse, a competitor’s add sending a marketing message to your customers inside your business.

How is PlayNetwork different from music radio?

Because customized music is delivered to the player via a standard internet connection, there is no need to run an antenna to the exterior of the building. Major benefits of this delivery method include little to no installation costs and no landlord involvement.

Another advantage of the service is that the on-air personalities sometimes found in music radio background music programming do not exist in the PlayNetwork offering.

Does Dynamic Media have to install my PlayNetwork equipment?

Most customers who are simply adding the player to their commercial audio system will find that installation is as easy as connecting the internet cable, the power cord and the audio cables (standard red and white RCA cables), and can typically be performed in a matter of minutes. Connecting the player the music on hold port of your phone system should prove equally easy.

That said, our installation network covers every zip code in the lower 48 states if you ever require technician assistance, or would like a complete commercial audio system installed along with your PlayNetwork Music for Business.

Can I block songs or artists I do not like in a given genre?

Absolutely! The Serenade web interface allows you to review and block any content that does not fit your hold music atmosphere or background music theme.

Player FAQ

Can song/artists be blocked from playing using Serenade?

Yes, the user can use the Block Song/Artist button on the Music tab. Once an artist or song is blocked from any Business Music Mix (make sure that you are in the business mix and not the zone blend), that song or artist is blocked from all Business Music Mixes for the entire account and all locations within the background music account.

I have made changes to my music on hold or background music mix in Serenade. When will I hear changes in the location(s)?

Network locations Changes made to choices in Business Music Mixes will be reflected after approved time window selected in each individual location in Serenade (generally overnight). Changes made to marketing message campaigns will be reflected within an hour. Disc Locations Will see changes made on their next scheduled service disc (changes to Serenade must be completed 2 weeks prior to service date to be reflected on update disc).

How do I unblock song or artist?

On the Music tab, expand the “Find Tracks” filter under Playlists. Select either song or artist from “blocked” drop down. This will show item that has been blocked from you in store music mix. Highlight item(s) to be unblocked and hit “unblock” button.

How do I set the time on my player?

Press the MENU button
Use the ARROW DOWN button until you see MAIN MENU and press ENTER
Use the ARROW DOWN button until you see SET UP and press ENTER
Use the ARROW DOWN button until you see VIEW/SELECTION TIME and press ENTER
The unlock code is UP UP DOWN DOWN ENTER
Following the instructions on the screen
Press DONE when done

How do I schedule day parts?

On the Music tab, highlight the theme and click the Schedule Music button. You can then drag and drop your background music mixes into time slots. By clicking on the balloon next to the title of your background music mix you can schedule the mix to the appropriate times.

How do I perform a Playlist Rollback?

Press the QMENU button
Use the ARROW DOWN button until you see MAIN MENU and press ENTER
Use the ARROW DOWN button until you see DIAGNOSTICS and press ENTER
Use the ARROW DOWN button until you see PLAYLIST ROLLBACK and press ENTER
The unlock code is UP UP DOWN DOWN ENTER
Choose the appropriate playlist and press ENTER

How do I change the time range that in store music and marketing message changes can be downloaded to my account players?

The time range associated with each location is able to be edited from each individual account dialogue box. To edit, click on the account name and change the time range on the right hand side of page. The change to time will be communicated to the server during the previously scheduled time range, so once that time period has occurred (generally overnight) the player will then be set to the new time range.

How do I adjust the volume on my player?

1. Press the QMENU button
2. Use the ARROW DOWN button until you see MAIN MENU and press ENTER
3. Use the ARROW DOWN button until you see SET UP and press ENTER
4. Use the ARROW DOWN button until you see SET VOLUME and press ENTER
5. The unlock code is UP UP DOWN DOWN ENTER
6. Following the instructions on the screen
7. Press DONE when done

Connectivity FAQ

Who configures the player for the network?

PlayNetwork pre-configures all players prior to installation for specific locations.
Subscribers may request players to be configured using DHCP or may provide a specific static IP address for use at each location.

What network ports are used?

Network ports 22 and 11024 (outgoing) are used by the player to connect with PlayNetwork servers.
White list and (

What network configuration information is needed update my background music via the internet?

DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol): Players will communicate via DHCP with no additional network configurations required.
Static IP Configuration: The following is needed when ordering a player:

  • Player Network IP Address
  • Player Network Gateway Address
  • Player Network Mask
  • DNS Server 1 Address
  • DNS Server 2 Address

What are the location-side bandwidth requirements?

Minimum bandwidth at each location where in store music or music on hold is being delivered is 128Kbps.

Can the location-side bandwidth be limited or throttled?

Yes, the bandwidth used for downloading content can be limited. Let us know of any throttling requirements needed for the delivery of your music for business.

Can MAC addresses be provided for each player?

Yes MAC addresses derived from the player’s NIC integrated into the VIA motherboard can be provided but this might not be desirable when player replacements occur as the new replacement players will not match the original MAC address.

Can I use an internet delivered option if my network does not allow a static I.P.?

Should a location be set for static I.P. and Subscriber network cannot accommodate both Static and DHCP, the player will not be able to successfully connect to Serenade. If Subscribers Network can accommodate both, and the player is online with a DHCP setting, you can change the Serenade account set up to static, filling in the needed info such as DNS; Gateway and Net mask. The in store music players will grab the setting on the next scheduled download update and update itself.